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Sarah Mihalek, (DVM) grew up on the peninsula. A majority of her childhood was spent outdoors admiring wildlife, in aquariums staring at fish for hours on end, or making her parents take laps around the zoo. She has traveled the world trying to fulfill her curiosity. She’s had to “MacGyver” her way through diagnosing and treating diseases in third world countries where resources were scarce, and at the other end of the spectrum, she has practiced where access to the greatest resources were at her disposal.She studied at St. George’s University and completed her fourth year at Cornell. She also completed a master’s degree in Wildlife conservation and medicine and St. George’s University. She shares her home with 2 crazy French Bulldog rescues, Newt and Toad, 2 turtles, Moses and Brian, and her fiance.

David C. Carroll, DVM was born in San Francisco in 1950. He is the son of Howard F. Carroll DVM, one of California's pioneers in small animal practice. He loved working in veterinary medicine so much that upon graduation from high school he went to UC Davis where he graduated with a Bachelors in Biology (1972) and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (1976). He then interned at West Los Angeles Veterinary Medical Group, California's largest 24 hour emergency service and then worked at Crocker Animal Hospital, an emergency hospital in San Jose. Late in 1978 he moved to Watsonville to be near the coast and run his own veterinary practice at East Lake Animal Clinic. He planned on semi retiring but couldn't quite help himself and started a new project: Napa River Pet Hospital.

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