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We offer boarding for our clients. If you are not yet a client of ours but would still like to board with us please give us a call to schedule a pre-boarding exam so we can get to know you and your pet


Quality medicine, individualized pet care.

Here’s what we offer:
-Affordable rates dependent on your pet’s needs
-Loving care, 7 days a week, from a professional and attentive medical staff
-Dog run in  a safe, fenced in area
-Extras! Like dog walking and grooming (cost dependant on service)
-Veterinarian on premise

Pets must be picked up during normal business hours (M-F 9-6p, Sat 8-5p). If you are unable to pick up your pet before closing,  they will not be available for pickup until the following business day and additional daily charges will continue to be invoiced.

    Animals must becurrent on all vaccinations(please have their records ready for evaluation beforehand), free of external parasites (ie: fleas, ticks, etc…) and be on an appropriate flea/tick preventative or they will be treated at the owner's’ expense.

New patients will be required to have a pre-boarding exam. 

    Please know that it is our job to take the very best care of your pets while they are under our supervision and we may contact you to discuss any medical concerns or findings during their stay. There are areas on your boarding check in sheet, for that convenience, that will indicate that you allow medical treatment up to a certain price range.

    Blankets and bedding can easily get soiled (we will wash them for you daily), chewed, or destroyed. In the case they are no longer usable or unsafe to be with your pet (ie small swallowable pieces, completely destroyed) we may have to throw them away. We will not be responsible for any lost or destroyed items left with your pet.

    At your request we can offer a number of great things to your pet’s stay, (ie walks, baths, haircuts…) let us know how we can service your pet with some much needed R&R! We will be happy to accommodate for your pets needs as much as possible.

    Finally! We are taking care of YOUR family member! Feel free to call and check in on them as much as you would like! We are happy to give you an update, or change your pet’s itinerary during their stay, because your peace of mind is why they are staying here in the first place :)

Hours:  Mon-Friday 9a-1p & 2p-6p  Sat: 8a-12p & 1p-5p   Sun: closed

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